The Good Night's Sleep Project

Why People Love Their Custom-Tailored Pillows

Dr. Russell Gana, Chiropractor

Dr. Russell Gana, a chiropractor in South Austin, TX says that prior to using GNSP’s custom tailored pillow he had restless nights and uneasy sleep. Now he sleeps better and longer and feels well rested. He really enjoys using it.

Greg Rohler

Greg Rohler had a problem sleeping soundly and he took all anecdotal steps possible to ensure that his sleep was undisturbed yet he still faced the problem 3 to 4 nights a week. After using GNSP’s custom-tailored pillow, he now sleeps soundly and feels relieved from other aches and pains. He recommends that everyone use the custom-tailored pillow for a good night’s sleep.

Dr. Marc Fitzpatrick, D.C.

Dr. Marc Fitzpatrick used the custom tailored pillow for 8 to 10 days and felt immediate relief from neck pain. He stopped snoring as well. Dr. Fitzpatrick recommends that everyone use the custom tailored pillow for a good night’s sleep.

Dr. Krista, Chiropractor

Dr. Krista is a chiropractor who had been having trouble sleeping soundly due to pain in her right shoulder. She got the custom made pillow from GNSP and now she sleeps soundly. There is an optimal amount of space between her shoulder and her neck which helps her in having a restful and refreshing sleep.

Parke Parker

Mr. Parke Parker states that he suffered a back injury some time ago and he has been receiving treatment but he still used to feel stiff after sleeping. After using GNSP’s custom made pillow he feels relieved now and after waking up he feels more refreshed and energetic. He recommends that everyone use this pillow.

Lucian Guțica

Lucian wants to thank the Good Night Sleep Project for his and his wife’s custom tailored pillows. It alleviated his sweating problem and helped his wife sleep soundly and dream vividly after a long time. Lucian hopes the GNSP team will create new products as well.

Lewis B.

UK based businessman Lewis relates how not sleeping on his custom tailored pillow during his travels makes him realize the importance of his custom tailored pillow. He further suggests that sleeping on other pillows is highly unpleasant and Good Nights Sleep Project should create a travel pillow.

Dan Dillard

Dan Dillard states that the custom pillow provided by GNSP has really enhanced his ability to sleep as he does not have restless nights anymore. The pillow has a shape and form that allows him to get a much better night’s sleep. He highly recommends it for everyone to try.

Jen Halulko

Jen Halulko states that she had trouble sleeping at night experiencing stiffness and snoring. Later she would wake up feeling exhausted. However, after using the custom pillow she is able to sleep soundly and woke up feeling relatively better. She has also obtained custom pillows for her family members.

Jake Taylor

Mr. Jake Taylor relates how prior to using the custom made pillow, he was unable to sleep soundly due to recurring shoulder pain. However, ever since using a custom made pillow, he has been able to get a good night’s sleep. He appreciates the pillow and recommends it for everyone.

Tracy Merda

Tracy, a mother, a wife and a full-time employee from Texas describes the advantages of using a custom tailored pillow. She suffered from neck pain, back pain and restless nights. She is using a custom tailored pillow and has been relieved of all her sleep related ailments along with snoring. Tracy highly recommends it.

Awais Ashraf

Awais had headaches & sleep issues while using regular pillow that lead to irregular sleep cycles, stress and anxiety. He is much satisfied now after using Custom-Tailored Pillow as this has resolved his issue.
Watch what he says about it.

Dr. John Tucker, DMD

Dr. John Tucker explains that GNSP’s custom tailored pillow provides a comfortable head position thereby eliminating neck strain and assisting in maintaining an open airway. He has started sleeping better and feeling more rested after using it.

Dominic D’Agostino, PhD

Dominic says that GNSP’s custom tailored pillow is the best high end pillow he’s ever slept on and he’s purchased quite a few over the years. He has become so attuned to his pillow that he plans to take it with him on his travels.

Matthew J. Davis
Matthew J. Davis, MD (Associate Medical Director and Section Chief of the Neurology Division at Sleep Dynamics)

Clinical Assistant Professor in Neurology at
Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine

"It’s actually quite innovative to offer custom measured pillows and the process of measuring couldn’t be easier. Now having tried it personally for about a month, I do think it’s improved a significant amount of neck pain I was having in the morning due to my other pillows not supporting me properly. I would recommend that anyone having issues with sleep maintenance related to cervical aches and pains to consider giving it a try"

Dr. Andreas Werner
Dr. Andreas Werner (Associate Professor at Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences at Newcastle University)

A Biochemist, Molecular Biologist, Journalist,
and Teacher at Newcastle University

"First, I was impressed by the design, it made immediate sense to me to optimize ‘head posture’ and blood flow with the help of a properly designed pillow. Quite amazingly I slept through the very first two nights I used the pillow (which I usually don’t). This was over a weekend, I would assume that a drop in stress levels also helped. However, after sleeping on the pillow for more than three weeks now I am convinced that I generally sleep deeper, more relaxed and on average longer than with an off the shelf down pillow. Obviously, stress, hydration state end external factors still impact on sleep quality but the pillow certainly makes a significant difference!"

Martin S. Chiropractor

Martin says that he was skeptical at first about GNSP’s custom tailored pillow but after trying it he was surprised by the results. His sleep improved and he doesn’t toss and turn like he used to prior to using this pillow.

J. D. Macleod, Chiropractor

Chiropractor J. D. Macleod reveals that he was apprehensive about GNSP’s custom tailored pillow at first but then his snoring and cervical spine pain that he had been experiencing for years was alleviated. He also felt a reduction in neck pain. He is impressed and highly recommends this product.

Dr. Barbara Royal, DVM, CVA
Dr. Barbara Royal, DVM, CVA (Founder and Owner of The Royal Treatment Veterinary Center)

A Chicago Expert Veterinarian, IVAS Certified Acupuncturist,
Author and Lecturer, Herbal and Nutritional Consultant

"I like the custom pillow very much. I feel that it is comfortable and creates an effortless sleeping position. I don't have to scrunch it or work it to feel I am resting on it well. My head and neck are in a comfortable position. I must be sleeping well, because I don't wake up at all and feel rested.

Thank you for the pillow, I will continue to sleep on it!"


Anca states her harrowing experience of sleeping restlessly without any dreams. She then reveals how the custom tailored pillow from GNSP helped her dream again and thereby have a more relaxed sleep.

Elena S.

Elena reveals that she has had problems with her previous store bought pillows. However, GNSP’s custom tailored pillow is amazing and lets her sleep in a more relaxed manner. She really likes her pillow and recommends it to everyone.

Merita Parker
Merita Parker

"I can only sleep on my back and I have a lot of pain in my knees and sciatic nerve area when I get into bed every night. I usually have to use an essential oil diffuser to help me relax so I can fall asleep and forget all the pain that I generally feel. However, I am used to down pillows!! At least two down pillows, one on top of the other! When I saw the pillow I was concerned because it looked so firm. Even if I added the extra stuffing I knew it would still be firm! I looked at the pillow for a week before I could give up my down pillows! The first night I set up my diffuser to stay on for hours because I knew I was going to be in trouble sleeping on a firm new pillow as well as feel all the pains I usually felt in bed!! I thought to myself if this is too firm I am going to get up and get my down pillows! I fell asleep!! The next night I was still concerned! I kept my down pillows near the bed!! I fell asleep again and I couldn't remember feeling all the pain I usually felt! I thought to myself it couldn't be a pillow that is making my pains diminish! Maybe the pains just decided to go away! I thought to myself how could that be when the pains have been here for years and I still feel them during the day??!! I finally accepted that all my pains disappear when I am sleeping on my new custom pillow designed just for me! I can't believe even to this day that I can sleep on this type of pillow! I love my pillow! I will never give it up!!"

Julia J.

Julia relates how her previous pillow had been causing her neck and shoulder pains but GNSP’s customized pillow is made according to her shoulder length and size. It’s helped her alleviate the pains and she is able to modify it to her need and comfort.

Travis Christofferson
Travis Christofferson

"The pillows have been great for both my wife and myself. What I notice is less neck stiffness and I don't wake up as much during the night which, of course, translates into feeling better during the day. With more and more evidence demonstrating the importance of sleep I can't thank you enough for your pillow and what its done for me. Who would have thought that a pillow could make such a difference!"

Daniel C.
Daniel C.

"Well, honestly I was a bit skeptical about the whole idea. "A Pillow can help you Sleep Better". I mean I thought there was more to sleep like anxiety, stress, melatonin levels, ambient light and what not. But in the end a Pillow made all the difference. I wake up early in the morning without an alarm that means I was getting adequate REM sleep which I was not prior to using the pillow. Highly recommended."

Melia H.

Melia says she felt much better while sleeping after using GNSP’s custom tailored pillow. She used to suffer from neck pain. This pillow is customized to her requirements and she strongly recommends it for everyone.

Lucas P.
Lucas P.

"What a great comfortable pillow, wow!! It is as it was advertised. Keeps my head where it should be and takes pressure off neck and shoulders. I can definitely say, best pillow I ever had. I would gladly recommend this and say that you should try this one and you will probably throw away all other pillows. They also provide a filler package to fine tune the firmness or softness. Nothing bad to say about this pillow. Try it you will love it."

Matt Merda

Matt says GNSP’s custom tailored pillow has improved his sleep and sleeping habits. He doesn’t toss and turn all night and his snoring has lessened and he is sleeping more soundly. He has been using it for a month and plans to continue using it.

Rafael S.

Rafael explains that due to his arthritis, it’s important that he uses a comfortable pillow. He was surprised to discover GNSP’s custom tailored pillow. He feels that this pillow is great and would highly recommend it for everyone.

Bruno G.
Bruno G.

"I'm pretty impressed with this pillow. It provides a good support to rest your head on and it holds its shape rather than the shape cave in after some hours of resting your head on it. Although I was anxious about buying something like a pillow online, I am glad I took the chance. I highly recommend this pillow. You really can't go wrong."

Abraham M.

Abraham reveals how the custom tailored pillow has increased his comfort levels and relieved his neck, shoulder and back pains thereby allowing him to get a good duration of sleep. He feels refreshed and says a good night’s sleep is priceless.

Josh Field
Josh Field

"I was a bit skeptical about the custom pillow, but after my first night's sleep with it, I was pleasantly surprised. The Good Night's Sleep Project did a phenomenal job building a pillow that supports an athletic build and a predominant side sleeper. Over the years, I’ve exhausted DOZENS of pillows trying to arrive at the perfect fit. I’ve often found myself having to use multiple pillows because a single pillow was never suffice. I love my pillow! I even take it with me when I travel, including my overnight stays on sailing trips."