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The Story of the Custom Tailored Pillow

The story of the Custom Tailored Pillow is one of friendship and collaboration across the ocean.

American innovation – informed by cutting-edge research from some of the world’s most respected health and medical institutions, including the Harvard Medical School’s Division of Sleep Medicine[i] – meets the finest traditions of “Old World” fine tailoring.

Texas Entrepreneur Struggles with Sleep, Seeks Help from Medical Experts

Richard Jacobs, Founder

Richard Jacobs is an entrepreneur, a husband, and a father to three young kids. He lives in Austin, Texas.

For many, many years, he struggled with sleep – just like a lot of people do. Doctors told him that he was too stressed, or that he was “just anxious” about things that were going on in his life and business. They gave him pills, and said they’d make him sleep again.

But they didn’t.

You know, first-hand, how sleep deprivation can eat away at your soul, how it can strain every moment of your work and family life.

One day, Richard realized that he had a problem. Not a trivial problem, but a serious problem. After all, he had a business to run and a family to support. He couldn’t keep stumbling through life in an angry and frustrated daze, feeling miserable all the time.

Because that’s no way for anyone to live, is it?

You already know that sleep is important. However, did you know that, from a medical and evolutionary perspective, quality sleep is not only important, but VITAL to our long-term health and well-being. Without it, we simply cannot function.

According to the Harvard Medical School’s Division of Sleep Medicine, sleep is one of the “three pillars of health”, alongside exercise and nutrition; when we don’t get enough of it, we increase our risk of developing all kinds of chronic conditions, like:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension, i.e. high blood pressure
  • Heart and cardiovascular disease
  • Depression, anxiety, and other long-term mood disorders
  • Reduced immune function
  • Alcoholism
  • Obesity

So, Richard started learning about sleep. He read books. He sought out and interviewed recognized sleep experts and paid for consulting time with them. He asked them: “Why can’t I sleep through the night, like other normal people do?”

Over the next six months, this “research assignment” turned into an obsession. When Richard spoke with some of his friends and family, and discovered that they too struggled with sleep, it became a movement. He called it The Good Night’s Sleep Project™.

After a year of intense research, it turns out there was a straightforward explanation all along.

The solution Richard needed – and the solution that, according to the National Sleep Foundation, approximately 150 million people in the United States also need – it is not only simple, but also relatively inexpensive.

Richard’s problem, all along, was that his pillow didn’t fit his body.

What Lucian Guțica Says About Custom-Tailored Pillow


The “Obvious” Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep

Pillows for sleep problems

If you often struggle to sleep through the night – and if you often wake up multiple times in the night with aches and pains, and need to change position frequently – there’s a good chance that it’s because you have the wrong sized pillow for your body size or shape.

At first blush, this sounds almost too obvious.

When a sleep expert pointed this out to Richard, he was almost tempted to ask for his consulting fee to be refunded. Because, frankly, it sounded almost unbelievable that his lifelong struggle with sleep was all down to... having a pillow that didn’t fit him?

Maybe a part of you finds this idea unbelievable as well. If so, here’s something to consider:

When you get down to brass tacks, being able to drift effortlessly into slumber, sleep like a baby all through the night, and then wake up the next morning feeling refreshed – it all comes down to one simple thing. COMFORT.

However, for you to feel truly comfortable in your body when you try to sleep, your spine needs to lie in its natural position – so that your head, neck, and back are able to rest in alignment, without them getting twisted, strained, or stressed.

What happens if you try to sleep on a pillow that doesn’t fit?

Your body simply cannot relax, which means your mind cannot relax.

Falling asleep should be as easy as slipping into a warm bath. Instead, though, you like awake in pain and frustration, stressing out because you are too tense to sleep. You keep tossing and turning, changing position. If you do manage to fall asleep, you wake a few hours later with a sore neck and numbness down your arm. Then you stress about falling asleep again. When morning does finally come, instead of feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, you feel like you’ve done seven rounds with Mike Tyson.

All because your body, and so your mind, could not find comfort.

When it comes to sleeping, comfort is not a “luxury”; it’s a necessity and a fundamental right. If you cannot relax in the comfort you deserve, at the end of the day, you will always find it difficult to sleep. And other areas of your life will suffer.

Comfort is the secret to a good night’s sleep.

The Impossible Part – Finding a Pillow That Fits

Sleep apnea pillow

Some people can get by just fine with a regular-sized pillow – in the same way that some (but not many) of us can get away with wearing a regular-sized shirt or suit. However, for most of us, “regular” sizes just do not fit our unique bodies.

When Richard discovered that the pillow he had been sleeping on all these years (or, more precisely, trying to sleep on) was straining his neck and back, he followed the advice of his doctor and went out shopping for a new pillow. One that would fit his body.

Now, bear in mind, we live in the United States of America.

We have everything over here, right? Everything you could possibly dream about, right? And, so, finding a pillow that was just the right size and level of firmness to support Richard’s head and keep his neck and back straight should have been a piece of cake, no?


Richard must have visited at least a dozen bed and mattress stores. Not a single one of them sold anything other than the usual “regular” pillow that comes in the same size for everybody. And when he tried shopping online, the best he could find was a mail order house that offered pillows in “small”, “medium”, and “large” – which wasn’t really much better.

We all come in different shapes and sizes. That’s why, when we go out shopping for a shirt, the tailor or shop assistant needs to measure our neck, and our shoulders, and our chest, and our waist, and the length of our arms. It should be the same for your pillow.

Just look at Richard.

He’s a large guy. He has wide shoulders. But he is also quite short. Because of this, he often has a hard time finding clothes that fit, even if just approximately. If he buys a pair of trousers, or a shirt, it has to go to the alterations tailor. Otherwise, he can’t wear it.

He tried sleeping with one of those mail-order pillows. But none of the sizes worked for him.

Why not?

Because, it turns out, there are FOURTEEN key measurements to which a pillow needs to fit – in order to properly support your spine, keep your head, neck and back in their natural position, and allow you to rest in comfort. (At the very least, a comfortable pillow needs to fit the width of your shoulders, the length of your neck, the angle of your neck, and circumference of your head.)

The only way to get your pillow to fit all of these different measurements is to have it custom tailored to your body.

Richard searched everywhere for a company that made custom-tailored pillows. However, he couldn’t find one. Since he is an entrepreneur – and he knew from his research with The Good Night’s Sleep Project™ that approximately 150 million other people in America also struggle to get enough sleep, probably for same reason – he decided to create his own company.

American Enterprise Meets “Old World” Fine Tailoring

When you think about fine tailoring, what comes to mind?

London, Paris, and Naples – or, you might think of Hong Kong, Tokyo, and other parts of Asia – places where people have made suits and fine clothing with their bare hands for many, many hundreds of years, where elite tailoring and craftsmanship runs in the blood.

Over the next few months, while a team of designers in the United States worked hard on some prototypes, Richard and his growing team cast their eyes across the ocean – to see how they could learn from these “Old World” traditions of tailoring, and use that same elite craftsmanship to create the best, most luxurious, and most comfortable pillows the world has even seen.

The result is the Custom Tailored Pillow – the world’s first handmade, Custom Tailored Pillow.

Every pillow that is created in our atelier is crafted to no less than fourteen of your unique measurements. What’s more, every pillow is made by experienced master tailors and seamstresses who take enormous pride in their work – who pour their heart and soul into everything their hands create. And every pillow is constructed from a luxurious blend of Egyptian cotton and the finest satins.

The result?

When you lie down at the end of the day and close your eyes, your Custom Tailored Pillow will help you melt effortlessly into a land of deep and restorative sleep. It will help you sleep like a baby again, and wake up feeling like you can accomplish anything.

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