The Good Night's Sleep Project
Episode 1

Why We Started the Good Night’s Sleep Project

  • Sep 6, 2019
  • Good Night's Sleep Project
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Do you snore, have insomnia or neck or back pain when you sleep?
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In this podcast episode:

• Richard Jacobs (the host, and co-founder of The Good Night’s Sleep Project) talks about the childhood “trauma” of seeing his dad suffer from sleep apnea. (As a kid, he didn’t understand why he used to make choking sounds during the night or wake up coughing and spluttering. It just used to scare the crap out of him, especially when his face turned purple or blue.)

• How Richard started suffering from sleep apnea, and other sleep problems (which he discloses) shortly after he turned 40 — and spent almost ten years searching in vain for a way out of his sleep nightmare.

• The family shopping trip to Target that began with hope quickly descended into frustration and anger and ended with an idea for a new pillow that might finally solve his sleep problems once and for all.

• Why it took 200 “trial runs” (with himself, members of his family, neighbors, friends, and even his chiropractor) for Richard to perfect the Custom Tailored Pillow and make it the best pillow in the world.

• How we set up an atelier of skilled tailors and seamstresses, so we could begin making the Custom Tailored Pillow on a commercial scale.

• And more!

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