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Rich Jacobs is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in building companies. He is the founder of the Good Night’s Sleep Project, a company he founded to help address his problem with suffering restless nights and bad sleep for years. The company has created the world’s first handmade, custom-tailored, AI-powered pillow created to fit 14 of your body’s unique measurements.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [00:50] Rich introduces his guest interviewer, John Corcoran
  • [02:49] How Rich started his research and design of his custom AI-powered pillows
  • [05:52] Rick talks about why it’s imperative to build the AI measurement system from scratch
  • [07:37] Rich discusses the key areas they looked at in the design process of his pillows
  • [10:02] Rich reveals how he tested the prototypes for his pillows and the work he did in their snore labs
  • [11:58] How the custom pillows help snorers get better sleep
  • [13:46] Rich shares the positive feedback he got from a customer and from beta testers during product iterations 
  • [16:30] How Rich created a custom pillow for a client who had scoliosis
  • [17:30] The difference in the pillow design for men and women
  • [18:10] How different body types and other design elements are considered in the design process for each custom-made pillow
  • [19:42] The Customer Happiness Report and how it helps Rich create better experiences
  • [20:15] Rich talks about his sleeping system and how he came up with each item in it
  • [22:25] What makes Rich’s travel and transit pillows different
  • [25:25] Why Rich designs his pillows to look just like regular pillows


In this episode…

Good sleep plays a crucial role in our health. From snoring to sleep apnea to simply feeling well-rested, there is no denying that the kind of sleep we get will have a significant impact on our lives. But the question is, is there really a solution that can help alleviate the problem people have with bad sleep?

If you ask Rich Jacobs, there wasn’t any that he could find that helped make him sleep better, which was why he took it upon himself to create the answer that he had long been looking for: a comfortable pillow to help him sleep better, custom-tailored to his unique body.

Rich Jacobs is the founder of the Good Night’s Sleep Project, a company he founded as an answer to his own problems with years of restless nights and bad sleep. He and his team promise that the moment you lay on one of his custom pillows, you’ll never sleep the same way again.

In this episode, Rich is joined by John Corcoran of Rise25 to talk about how Rich came to design and create his custom pillows. They will discuss how he tested his prototypes, the feedback he got from beta testers and from customers, and how his pillows can revolutionize the quality of sleep you get every night. Stay tuned.


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This show is brought to you by The Good Night’s Sleep Project, the creator of the world’s first handmade, custom-tailored AI-powered pillows designed to finally put an end to restless nights and bad sleep. If you’re struggling to get the sleep that you need and deserve, you need to meet your new best friend.

The Good Night’s Sleep Project pillow is created to fit 14 of your body’s unique measurements which are taken easily in the comforts of your own home with a smartphone. It is crafted by skilled artisans with guaranteed fit and comfort.

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