The Good Night's Sleep Project
Episode 27

Reconnecting with Our Natural Sleep Rhythm: Dr. Mehrdad Razavi and Sleep Motivation

  • Mar 17, 2020
  • Natural Sleep Rhythm
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Medical Director of Innovative Sleep Centers, Dr. Razavi is considered a visionary in the field of sleep medicine. He offers listeners

  • Inspiration and an understanding of how sleep should and can function as a partnership,
  • Explanations for how necessary and pervasive sleep is in living organisms, even plants, and
  • Ways to prioritize and realign ourselves to this ancient need and rhythm of sleep.

Dr. Mehrdad Razavi is a sleep medicine specialist and is board-certified by the American Board of Psychology, Neurology, and Sleep Medicine. He explains that his interest in the field began by noting the impact of good sleep practices on health. Furthermore, the basic tenants of sleep medicine, as a straightforward practice with high health impacts and low invasive procedures, felt in alignment with his sensibilities.

As he began studying and practicing as a sleep medicine specialist, he understood how important our natural rhythm and needs should stay tune with nature’s prescription of light. As we modernize more and more, we move further from that natural light clock and fill ourselves with artificial lights, noise, and activity that work against this. He notes that often that pull for technology right before sleep is a type of addiction, a way to fill emptiness.

At his centers, he uses his experience as a sleep medicine specialist to emphasize a return to partnership with our own sleep. He explains some of the purposes of sleep, such as a means of purifying ourselves. He describes the phases of sleep that offer physical regeneration and then emotional regeneration and lists the most common sleep disorders. He discusses various ways to quiet our minds, from Tai Chi to mediations to different sleep apnea treatments.

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