The Good Night's Sleep Project


Below you will find some common questions that our customers had about their Custom-Tailored pillow.

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  • Made from 14 of your unique body measurements, totally customized for you so it fits the unique curves and contours of your body. You will sleep with your neck and back aligned, and suffer less neck, back and other pains, while sleeping more peacefully and waking up more rested and refreshed.
  • Our unique, three-layer pillow skin keeps the original shape and firmness of your pillow. The outer layer is made of satin, keeps your head and neck cool while sleeping. The inner layer is pure Egyptian cotton, prized for its high thread count and luxurious feel, as well as its breath-ability, keeping your pillow fresh.
  • If your pillow ever loses its shape or firmness, two booster filler packs are included. This will extend the life of your pillow 9x longer than other pillows.
  • The pillow shape is uniquely tapered, so when your head lays on it your neck, back and spine are kept in perfect alignment, further reducing pain, and helping you sleep peacefully.

What Do Early-To-Rise Adopters Think?