The Good Night's Sleep Project
The Good Night's Sleep Project

How to Eliminate Snoring and Get the Peaceful
Sleep We All Need… without a Clip in Your Nose

“Assists in maintaining an open airway” – Dr. John Tucker
“This is the breakthrough anti-snoring pillow that’s taking America by storm right now.” – Richard Jacobs, Editor of The Good Night’s Sleep Project
“Best high-end pillow I've ever slept on” – Dr. Dominic D’Agostino
by RICHARD JACOBS January 29, 2020
World’s first handmade, custom-tailored pillow

48% of Americans suffer from bedtime snoring . Most have given up on finding a solution that
actually works. The Custom Tailored Pillow is guaranteed to reduce, often even eliminate snoring
for good, starting from the very first night you sleep on in. Results, or get a full cash refund.

Snoring is more than just an “inconvenience”. It can ruin lives – by robbing our partner of sleep,
increasing their risk of serious health problems, like hearing loss[i], stress, anxiety, and depression[ii],
and even Alzheimer’s disease[iii] . It can even ruin our marriage, leading to banishment and divorce.

So, thank goodness – for the millions of Americans who suffer from bedtime snoring, as well as their
partners – that sleep researchers have finally invented a new solution that works.

Eliminates root cause of snoring

The Custom Tailored Pillow treats the root cause of snoring. That is why it works.

Snoring is not only harmful for our partner. If it stops us from getting the good night’s sleep our mind
and body need, it can increase our risk of developing: diabetes; hypertension; high blood pressure;
heart disease; cardiovascular disease; depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses; reduced
immune function; alcoholism; and obesity[iii]. Poor sleep can lead to premature death.

What Is the Root Cause of Snoring?

As many folks know, we snore when air cannot flow freely through our nose and mouth, and then
down into our airway. However, this is not the full picture. The reason so many Americans suffer from
a blocked airway is because we’re sleeping on pillows that do not fit our bodies, causing our trachea
to become kinked just like a garden hose. This is the root cause of most bedtime snoring.

How Does the Custom Tailored Pillow Solve This Problem?

The Custom Tailored Pillow is made by hand to the unique measurements a person’s body.  It
supports their head at the perfect height and angle, so when they sleep at night their head, neck,
and the rest of their body are in perfect alignment – allowing their airway to stay open and clear.

When a person lays their head on a Custom Tailored Pillow, they will immediately feel the difference.
Breathing is suddenly so much easier, and their body no longer has to gasp to breathe.

They and their partner can finally get the sleep they both need to lead a normal healthy life.  And the
best part? No more banishment from the marital bedroom!  They can sleep together again.

Sleep together at same bed with your spouse

Sleeping together, in the same bed, is the foundation of a happy marriage.

Getting Measured Is Ridiculously Easy

When ordering a Custom Tailored Pillow, simply use the iPhone or Android app provided to take two
photographs of the head and torso.  Then wait 5-10 days for the pillow to be shipped.

Behind the scenes, powerful AI-assisted technology extracts more than 14 unique measurements
from the two photographs provided. Tailors and seamstresses then carefully construct the new
pillow by hand, using the finest Egyptian cotton and satin weaves that money can buy.

Guaranteed Fit, Comfort, and Satisfaction

After the first few night’s sleep, most people probably forget that they are sleeping on a high-end
orthopedic pillow.  They just lay your head down, close your eyes, and then… drift away into a land of
effortless and restful sleep.  However, if, after a week, their snoring and other sleep problems have
not improved, they can ask for – and receive – a replacement or a full cash refund.

World’s first handmade, custom-tailored pillow

The Custom Tailored Pillow – a good night’s sleep, or your money back.

Enjoy Deeper and More Restful Sleep

The Custom Tailored Pillow helps get more oxygen into our lungs while we sleep, resulting in deeper,
more restful, and more restorative sleep.  This can make it feel like we’ve sleep for longer, since our
body and mind have an easier time healing and preparing us for a brand new day.

Boost Your Health with Nature’s Most Powerful Medicine

According to Harvard Medical School, sleep is one of the three pillars of health, alongside exercise
and nutrition[iv]. As the old saying goes, “a good night’s sleep can cure a world of ailments”.

When we start getting the deep, restful sleep we need to thrive, we wake up feeling refreshed and
energized, ready to seize the day.  Even better, loving couples get to wake up together again!

Align your backbone and cure a world of ailments

A good night’s sleep can cure a world of ailments.

The Custom Tailored Pillow Solves Other Common Sleep Problems Too

Many people ask: “The Custom Tailored Pillow looks and sounds incredible. But I also suffer from sleep
apnea / neck pain / insomnia / interrupted sleep. Will it help with those issues too?”

YES! Although every sleep disorder is different, most problems are caused or aggravated by sleeping
on a pillow that doesn’t fit our body – because it kinks our neck, forces our spine out of its natural
alignment, and puts strain on the muscles in our neck, shoulders, and back.

The Custom Tailored Pillow fixes this root problem.

Eliminates the root cause of most bedtime snoring.

The Custom Tailored Pillow treats the root cause of snoring. That is why it works.

Bottom Line: Sleep Together Again, and Get a Good Night’s Sleep

The Custom Tailored Pillow is the ONLY anti-snoring solution that solves the root cause of most bedtime snoring.  This could be the reason why other snoring “solutions” haven’t worked.

Where can I get a Custom Tailored Pillow?

Provided they are still taking orders, one can get theirs here:

Order a genuine Custom Tailored Pillow from the official website here.

(The Custom Tailored Pillow is made from proprietary technology, which is protected by multiple
US patents that have been filed for it. So, to avoid being scammed with an inferior knock-off,
please click the links above or the button below to order from its official website.)

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