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Do Sleeping Pills Cause Cancer?

Sleepers using sleeping pills are 35% more likely to develop cancer

Here’s a scary statistic that EVERY adult should know. According to a study of 34,205 sleepers published in the BMJ Open journal, people who take zolpidem, temazepam and other sleeping pills are 35% more likely to develop various types of cancers.

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Solving the Sleep Riddle — It Won’t Cost You Your Head

Hansel and Gretel, fairy tales story

Do you know about the Brothers Grimm? In the 18th century, they wrote a book that contained 209 fairy tales, all of which had been passed down through countless generations and villages across Europe (particularly Germany) for hundreds of years.

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An Unintended (but Welcome) Side Effect of Sleeping on a High-end Pillow

Custom-Tailored pillow makes you quickly fell asleep.

Do you know the old story of Rip Van Winkle? He was a Dutch-American colonist. One morning, in the autumn, he took a trek into the Catskill Mountains to get away from his wife’s nagging. While climbing up the hill, he stumbled upon an old man…

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Banished From the Bedroom and A Surprising Statistic

Snoring made your sleep separately

A theme that comes up in a lot of old fairy tales: Banishment When a prince, or princess, or some other person of virtue is banished from the kingdom for something that isn’t their fault, and they must overcome great adversity to break…

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5 Sleep Curses — and How to Break Them

Sleep curses in old stories.

Do you remember the old fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty? It tells the story of a young princess who is cursed to fall into a deep sleep for 100 years, until she is one day awakened by a true love’s kiss. Sleep curses are surprisingly common in old stories.

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What Do Early-To-Rise Adopters Think?