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Banished From the Bedroom and A Surprising Statistic

Snoring made your sleep separately

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A theme that comes up in a lot of old fairy tales:


When a prince, or princess, or some other person of virtue is banished from the kingdom for something that isn’t their fault, and they must overcome great adversity to break the curse — and return to their “happily ever after”.

We talked about curses yesterday. Specifically, sleep curses.

In the United States, one of the most common sleep curses is bedtime snoring. But snoring is more than “just an annoyance”.

Not only does it disrupt the snoring partner’s sleep, it can also inflict serious long-term health problems on their partner too. Problems like:

  • The American Academy of Neurology found a major link between sleep disruption and increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease[i].
  • Researchers from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, found that ALL partners they studied who had slept next to a snorer for 15+ years suffered hearing loss on the ear most exposed to snoring[ii].
  • A plethora of studies links sleep deprivation with stress, anxiety, and depression[iii].

In my humble opinion, though, as scary as these findings are, they’re NOTHING compared to what snoring can do to your marriage.

Consider this:

According to a recent survey by the National Sleep Foundation, 25% of married couples sleep in separate beds — though, most husbands and wives are too ashamed to talk about it, so the figure could be higher.

Why do they sleep separately?

Because of the curse of bedtime snoring.

Sleeping next to a chainsaw is unbearable — so the snoring partner is “banished” from the marital bedroom and made to sleep in the spare bed.

For a lot of couples, leaving the marital bed is the first step down a dark and lonely road that leads to separation and, in many cases, divorce.

After all, being made to sleep on the proverbial couch is no picnic for the snoring partner either. Loneliness can often lead to resentment, even anger at being banished, and boredom. Lying in bed alone, unwanted, and, unwatched — who would ever know if they gave into temptation?

A while ago, we made a Custom Tailored Pillow for my friend.

Let’s call him “Matt”.

Anyway, a few weeks after his new pillow was made and delivered, I happened to run into Matt. So, I asked him: “How is your new pillow?”

Here’s what he said:

“Rich, that pillow’s aaawesome.”

“I’ve been married to my wife for 28 years, and you know what she said?”

“I’m not snoring anymore!”

He said that with a mischievous smile on his face — one that suggested he had regained access to more than just their marital bedroom, if you know what I mean. Behind that smile, though, was an expression of relief and gratitude that suggested, at least to me, that my friend Matt understands the pain of “banishment” only too well. So, I’m really, really happy for him.

All this just goes to show you: a high-end pillow isn’t just a “luxury”. If it treats the root cause of snoring, a new pillow can literally save your marriage.

This might sound like an exaggeration to somebody who has never been banished from their marital bedroom — or who hasn’t felt the guilt of having to ask their partner to sleep in another room, because their snoring keeps you up all night and makes it impossible for you to keep up the daily grind.

* * *

How does the Custom Tailored Pillow fix the root cause of snoring?

By ensuring that you head, neck, shoulders, and spine are supported in their natural alignment all through the night — so your airway remains clear and open while you sleep. Because the average person’s airway has the diameter of a hosepipe. Your neck only has to sit a few degrees off, and all of a sudden it becomes kinked – leading to snoring and, sometimes, sleep apnea.

The Custom Tailored Pillow is tailored and handmade for the unique curvature and contours of your upper body, according to 14 measurements. That’s why it’s the only pillow that can guarantee this perfect alignment.

Are you ready to create your Custom Tailored Pillow?

i. American Academy of Neurology: Sleep apnea may be linked to higher levels of Alzheimer’s biomarker in brain, (Minneapolis, MN, United States: AAN, 2019)

ii. Department of Otolaryngology, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario: Noise-induced hearing loss in snorers and their bed partners, (Toronto, Canada: Journal of Otolaryngology, 2003)

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