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3 Myths About Snoring (and Why They’re Wrong)

Snoring can harm your partner's health.

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Below are three common myths about snoring.

Myth #1 — “Snoring is normal”

Not true.

While it is true that almost half of adults in America snore (more than 90 million Americans), chronic snoring is NOT a “normal part of life”.

If you snore regularly, it’s a sign that something is wrong.

Myth #2 — “Snoring is just an inconvenience”

Not true.

Left untreated, chronic snoring could, potentially, ruin your life in three different ways. (Some people experience all of these, and it’s not pleasant.)

First, it can harm your partner’s health.

There are studies which show that snoring can lead to the other person suffering from hearing loss, stress and anxiety, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Second, it can harm your health.

We’re most likely to snore heavily during REM sleep, which is the part of sleep most critical to restoring healthy brain function. When you snore loudly enough to wake yourself up, or because you’re gasping for air, it interrupts your sleep cycle — and may cause (or make worse) high blood pressure, heart disease, type-two diabetes, and a host of other problems.

Worst of all, though, it can harm, even ruin, your marriage.

Anyone who has ever been “banished” to the sofa or spare bedroom will understand what I’m talking about — as will any partner who has had to ask their snoring partner to sleep separately, and now sleeps alone, wondering (or dreading) what their husband or wife is doing in bed without them.

Myth #3 — “Snoring is caused by being overweight”

Again, not true.

Although weight is a factor, it’s not the root cause. For many of us, the root cause of snoring is SLEEPING POSITION. You see, a lot of folks sleep on a pillow that doesn’t fit their body properly. It’s either too high, or too low… too soft, or too firm… or its shape is completely wrong for their body type.

Either way, they spend 6-10 hours every night sleeping (or trying to sleep!) in a position that restricts their windpipe or causes their tongue and other soft tissues to fall back into their neck. So, they snore like a freight train.

A poor sleeping position is remarkably easy to treat.

We just need to swap out our cheap, cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all pillow, and replace it with a pillow that has been made to our unique measurements and body shape – one that has been designed to keep our neck straight and our windpipe clear and open all through the night.

Such a pillow doesn’t exist.

Or, at least, it didn’t until recently.

That’s why I invented the Custom-Tailored Pillow. It’s the only easy, simple, and dignified way to treat chronic snoring, and it works by addressing the root cause. It’s the Anti-Snoring Device that’s taking America by storm right now.

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