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Struggling to Sleep? It Could Be Your Pillow…

Do you dread going to bed? Do you find it difficult to relax and drift off to sleep? Do you often wake multiple times in the night with a sore back or neck, or numbness?

There’s a good chance that it is because your pillow doesn’t fit your body.

We all come in different shapes and sizes. For many of us, “small”, “medium” or “large” just doesn’t work – not only with suits or dresses but also with our pillow.

For your head, neck, and spine to be able to rest on its natural alignment, your pillow needs to fit the width of your shoulders, the length of your neck, the circumference of your head, and, ideally, more than a dozen other unique measurements.

A Custom-Tailored Pillow, made for the unique curves and contours of your body, helps you:

  • Fall asleep faster, easier, and with less stress – by supporting your body in its natural posture and making it easier for you to relax and drift into sleep naturally.
  • Reduce snoring and alleviate sleep apnea – by helping to keep your airways clear, which can increase oxygen levels.
  • Enjoy deeper, restorative sleep – by reducing the need for you to toss, turn, and change position in the night, so you can stay asleep for longer and with less interruption.
  • Wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated – by letting your head, neck, back, and the rest of your body relax in its natural posture, so you wake up with less numbness around your arms, and less soreness around your shoulders.

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Sleep in comfort. Sleep in peace. Sleep with dignity. Sleep on a pillow that is hand-crafted to 14 of your measurements. Guaranteed fit and comfort. Guaranteed satisfaction.

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